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Introducing The Top 10 Global Power Cord Manufacturer To You!

As a daily necessity for furniture, power cords have always been in high demand. This article lists the top 10 power cord manufacturer in the world. It also provides you with an in-depth analysis of the manufacturers' innovative advantages, providing consumers and Practitioners provide valuable reference content.

Top 10 Global Power Cord Manufacturers



BIZLINK is the most vertically integrated interconnect solutions provider with in-house power cord manufacturer of key components, cables, wires, harnesses, connectors and more. The company mainly designs, manufactures, and supplies cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. The Company offers connectors, graphics dongles and adapters, plugs, fiber optics components, integrated modules, terminators, and power cords.

BizLink was established in 1996 and has accumulated many years of manufacturing experience. The first product they produced was a power cord set for the IT industry. BizLink's goal is to achieve a higher level of interconnect solution diversity in terms of basic components, harnesses and cables.

2. Volex


Volex is a leading power cord manufacturer and supplier of power cords, plugs, connectors and sockets. Volex power cord products are sold to manufacturers for use in a wide range of electrical and electronic devices, equipment and appliance applications.

Volex's portfolio of products, capabilities and solutions includes power cords, plugs, connectors, receptacles, Integrated Manufacturing Services (IMS), Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions, Consumer Cable Harnesses and Power Products, high-speed copper interconnect/data transmission cables, data center power cord/power cord.

Volex has strong technical expertise in power cords, plugs and connectors, enabling the fastest high-quality global manufacturing and payment.

Volex has multiple factories around the world, which enables it to have an efficient global supply chain and logistics support, greatly shortening product delivery time and achieving efficient cost management.

Volex supports customized products, and the team customizes power cords, plugs, connectors and socket solutions according to customer's specific requirements, and provides rapid custom design samples with the support of the Field Applications (FAE) team.



Patelec Group specializes in manufacturing consumer cable harnesses and power products for the global white goods market. They are committed to delivering superior reliability and performance by providing integrated manufacturing services that cover the entire process.

Patelec is a company that has been studying cable production technology since the 1950s. It has rich high-tech knowledge and internationally recognized experience in the production of power cords and cables. The company has developed a complete vertical integration process, and the products it produces can be used in various fields, including cleaning products, power tools and professional medical equipment.

The company continues to expand its business globally by continuously optimizing production areas and extending the production of new components, providing the widest range of product types and the highest quality standards.



A-LINE is dedicated to manufacturing and exporting high-quality Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses for lighting and home appliances, worldwide power cords, indoor and outdoor extension cords, electrical wires, plug inserts, and custom-made products. With ISO 9001:2015 Management system certification, most of our products have obtained UL, VDE, SAA, CCC, RCM, ASTA, TUV, CE, ROHS, and other certifications, ensuring compliance with RoHS and Reach directives.

Thanks to our stringent quality control system and dedicated service team, our products have been exported to various countries and regions, including Australia, New Zealand, Oceania island countries, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, East South Asia, the Middle East, and beyond. They are highly favored by our overseas customers.

At Ningbo A-Line Cable & Wire Co., Ltd, we view customers as long-term partners rather than mere buyers. We assure you that our factory is the ideal partner for procuring and developing quality goods in China.

We warmly welcome small orders and OEM projects. To explore more about our products and services, please visit our website, email us, or give us a call now!



CHAU'S was established in Hong Kong in 1976 as a cable and power cord manufacturer and has now developed into a reputable supplier in the wire and cable industry. Chau's effective control over the price, delivery and quality of raw materials such as copper rods, PVC resin, rubber and terminals.

In addition to being an ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified company, They have received approvals from dozens of outside approval agencies, such as UL, CUL, VDE, KEMA, BSI, IMQ, SEV, EAC, CCC, PSE, KTC, PSB, NSW, INMETRO, IRAM, GCC, SASO and a host of customers' awards and certifications. Developed Low Smoke Halogen free thermoplastic cable, e.g. SPE-1, SPE-2, SPE-3, developed Halogen free thermoplastic plug.



Ching Cheng, is totally vertically integrated manufacturer of power cables, power cords and power cord sets which operates three manufacturing facilities in China, Taiwan and Thailand. Feeder factories in Guangdong, China, produce and supply raw bulk cables to locations as an integral part of controlling costs and quality. The feedhouse combines Jingcheng’s own custom PVC material with processed copper rods, wire drawing, plug forming and assembly operations. In these processes, it is an integral part of controlling costs and quality.

Cable manufacturing involves many technologies such as engineering, M.E, Process, R&D and complete quality controlling, the products pass all related tests and safety approvals around the world—quality routines according to ISO 9001.



I-SHENG is a world-class manufacturer of AC power cords. The company offers a variety of different power cord products, including twist-lock AC power cords, hospital power cords, coil cords, heavy-duty extension cords, molded strain relief cords, and more. There are also different NEMA AC power cords and different international power cord configurations. I-SHENG has manufacturing plants and warehouses in China, ensuring that it can provide customers with high-quality AC power cords and AC power cord manufacturing capabilities.



Longwell is a leading company in the power cord manufacturing industry and one of the world's largest manufacturers of cables and electronic components. For more than 40 years in the industry, Longwell has been concentrating on improving cable manufacturing and technology. Longwell's products are used by many of the world's leading electronics companies. manufacturer adopted. Longwell is committed to providing the best possible customer experience by delivering market-leading products and world-class services through efficient and flexible operations that improve responsiveness while reducing time to market.

Longwell is recognized as a full-service global partner and technology leader with its ability to consistently perfectly meet and exceed customer requirements. By leveraging best-in-class technology, efficient manufacturing, and vertical integration combined with copper plant and processing capabilities, Longwell delivers market-leading products and gains a competitive advantage in global markets.

9. kordKing


Kord King Company manufactures its products in the United States. Sells to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors on a business-to-business basis. Kord King takes the quality of its products seriously by getting high-quality materials from pre-licensed suppliers and then monitoring each supplier's shipments to ensure quality standards are met and any substandard materials are immediately segregated. This approach further ensures the quality of the processes carried out by operators during the manufacturing process.

All Kord King power cords are evaluated through rigorous statistical procedures using MIL 105 process sampling technology. Process control and ongoing training programs renew Kord King's commitment to total quality involvement. Products are 100% electrically tested and visually inspected before every shipment.

10. lionCords


Lion Cords stands out as a premier manufacturer of top-tier power cords, dedicated to delivering reliable and innovative solutions across diverse industries. Lion Cords‘ unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, premium materials, and utmost customer satisfaction has solidified its position as a trusted provider in the power cord industry.

Their extensive product range encompasses a wide array of power cords tailored to meet the distinctive demands of various applications. From standard power cords to specialty variants, extension cords, and coiled cords, Lion Cords offers a comprehensive portfolio to address diverse needs effectively.

At Lion Cords, a seasoned engineering team works closely with clients to develop custom power cord solutions precisely aligned with specific application requirements. Lion Cords specializes in tailoring cord lengths, wire gauges, connectors, colors, and other specifications to seamlessly integrate with customers' equipment, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

With the robust manufacturing capabilities, Lion Cords can accommodate orders of all sizes, from small batches to large-scale production runs. Their streamlined logistics and distribution channels enable swift and efficient delivery of power cords to customers worldwide, ensuring timely access to premium products.

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